Sunday, January 16, 2011

I will hope..

I have a friend who debriefs police officers and fire fighters when there has been a horrific incident or loss of colleague. Last week in our state a firefighter was killed fighting a fire and a police officer was murdered as he got out of his car to question a man. My friend worked 80 hours in 7 days.. helping listening.. debriefing.. some of those days with only 45 min or 2 hours sleep.

Sensational, horrible violence all over our nation.. and the world.

I guess it is so much of our human nature to mention the most dramatic of losses, like in Tucson a child, a judge.. however isn't every one of the others dead as important to their families & friends? of course.. of course.

Two of my patients died this last week. I had been included into their personal narratives, their circle of trust and their family members' as well. Funerals for the living to mark a passage.

Another passage today, another friend of my who is a faith leader left her congregation today. It was at the end of a 3 year term with them. She told a parable style of story about good news and bad news, who's to say which news it is.. you won't know until the rest of the story is told.

Despair is not an emotion to be accepted easily although so many horrific things happen in our world, it would seem to be.

So, I choose to hope... hope I will find some goodness in each day.. and those around me will as well.. and assume that if every one of us gives up hope completely all *IS* lost.. and so I will hope.

Oh, and when you have a chance read this: Birmingham Jail Letter written by a man who hoped against all but belief.

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