Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grief Disbursed

Take a bottle of soda.
.. and shake it and shake and shake it.
Then begin to twist off the cap.
Your FIRST instinct is to twist it back
quickly QUICKLY !!!
yet so much already has burst out,
ooozing down your hands, down the bottle side..
into your lap of tears
Then begin to twist off the cap..
Again it bursts out
again you recap..
recapping as the pressure builds against the foam.
Eventually, you are left.. with the brute force of grief disbursed
leaving still the truth
always the truth
now you are able to ingest what is left of the truth
in ways unexpected it nourishes you.. begins to heal you..
a pain deeper than you ever thought you might survive
you have..
forever your perspective is changed
forever you will never look at anyone or any situation as you would have before.
A price no one would pay for that wisdom.. but you have..

©TakenOasis Publishing 2010

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