Thursday, June 23, 2011


How ironic that so often my work involves speech, words, sharing and exchanges of ideas.. and today I had none. Today a patient I had come to know recently received devastating news. 

There are no words.. 

There was a BLOG started that I was going to read.. words.. the doctors said this cancer was not in remission.. words.. mother is sobbing.. no words..





and this patients gift to me was the silence we shared... holding hands.. with tears in our eyes.. devastating..

and then later words of hope from the medical "fellow", "Dr. XYZ knows more about this than I do and he has seen people respond..."


I am blogging this with words that are flat.. I wonder why I am even writing.. but to mark this moment in time.. when another person has so deeply touched me.. one I will always remember.. 

and so, I have another name to add to the HOPE section of my next race bib..