Saturday, March 27, 2010

What sense did THAT make?

Today I am building on the concept of control of events in our lives. This is a discussion that continued in another media this past week.

The situation brought to discussion was that a young woman who did missions work outside the United States died in a car accident.

"She was killed within the year on a trip- her van carrying the group was hit by a drunk driver on the way to the airport in BOSTON. Every day is special and a gift from God. Don't let fear stop you from making a change in this messed up world."

I responded, "We work in a trauma center. Just maybe we understand you can't calculate risk to always be safe. We CAN limit what we can control, that's the difference. "

A response was, "Yes but we can't make it make sense.... "

I responded, " ..and there lies a truly unanswerable question.. does it have to? .. and to whom?? Why do "we" have to have things make sense NOW vs act because it is the right thing? How can we make sense of tragedy? Sense= anxiety reduction. Not always sure the sense WE make IS the sense intended.. ugh.."

So, there was the  question. How do we decide, calculate risk when in fact we can't. Of course activities have different levels of risk, that's why they are called CALCULATED risks. 

My point is wondering when a calculated risk should paralyze us from acting on behalf of the *greater good*.   

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