Sunday, March 14, 2010

Implosion of soul..

Storm has passed. Now day breaks and the sun rises to find calm. So many I know are without power this morning, and others have seen tremendous damage from falling trees. We are still safe, can find a warm place to stay and drive to have a meal.

A dear friend awoke from her mosquito netted room this same day, although hours ahead of us. She has brought medical supplies and others to Uganda. As a doctor she will spend a week healing with her hands. She has already healed many and hugged more children than any one of us could in a week. 

Several days before she left a co-worker in the hospital lashed out at her saying she was selfish to go, it was unsafe. I worry more for that person than my friend. No, it isn't 100% safe but tell me where is? Yes, I understand calculated risk. But how can we calculate for the unexpected ALL THE TIME?

Fear may cause in implosion of soul that inhibits the very nature we have within us... to live fully, joyfully, and go out on a limb.......

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