Saturday, March 20, 2010

_________ is changing...

Hello there.. the time changed; I sprung forward a week ago. Curious to me that everyone I know hates the back & forth of the time moving. Most people I know like it just the way it is now. 

Those of us who like to exercise after work are happy again. We can squeak out just enough daylight for a short run or ride already. We've had 70 degrees here of late. Ahhhhh, but we always seem to get one last blast snow storm even after the daffodils are shining their bright faces.

People I know are changing. A friend is flying home from Uganda after caring for over 1,000 children. As an MD I know her spirit has been changed forever. 

I know that there are many who say they *hate change*. However, I think that it is the LACK of change that frustrates many more of us. The people who like to sell us stuff sure think that. Why is it when I find the perfect running shoe within 9 months it is "endangered", discounted, and then revamped? 

Maybe this is all a control issues. Maybe we only want to control what changes. 

Ugh, I was going to keep this saturday post light. So, back to coffee and hugging my cat.


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