Sunday, February 19, 2012

Acronym and Shortened Language

We need a translator!

Regardless of employment, education or experience there are acronyms everywhere around us. The trick is to learn each unique language.

P.C.= Personal Computer
3D= Three Dimensional
WWW= world wide web [wild wild west???]
BLOG= a meshing of the term web log

I.R.S.= Internal Revenue Service [I thought this time of year I’d toss this one in]

Ph.D.= Doctor of philosophy
J.D.= Juris doctor

This is also true in the medical field as well. Think about a simple medical check up in your physician’s office.

MD= Medical doctor
RN= Registered nurse
LPN= Licensed practical nurse
APN= Advance practice nurse

You may be given medical orders to have tests:

CBC= Complete Blood Count
LDL= Low Density Lipoprotein
HDL= High Density Lipoprotein
PSA= Prostate-specific Antigen
PAP= The Papanicolaou test

And then……… there are those tests that can be ordered which may bring halt to what seems average.

MRI= Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CAT [SCAN]= Computerized axial tomography
PET [SCAN]= Positron emission tomography

Of course then come the therapies such as:

TOMO: Tomotherapy is a type of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT]
CYBER-KNIFE: no knife involved at all!
GAMMA-KNIFE: no knife here either!
CHEMO: shorten for chemotherapy

Some of the sites I have used as a reference are:

Words have great power and carry the experiences or the lack of them. Each of these terms carry with them no less.

No matter who you are my advice is when it doubt don’t assume, check it out. The caveat is to be sure you do your research using well recognized sites. The internet is an amazing tool but also can increase confusion without a discerning filter.

Regardless, ASK ASK ASK your medical professionals for explanation and sites they might recommend. I suggest you ask specifically what the test ordered is, why it is ordered, and what might be any risks. This may begin the dialog with your medical professionals so that you have the sense you are all on one team.

Oh, BTW I remembered I have to make the annual call for myself.

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