Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hold on.. HELP!

Interesting that song lyric have been popping into my mind relating to experiences lately. Today, I visited someone who is detoxing. I am praying this person will relate to the last line copied above.

I discussed the issues humans have juxtaposing SHAME and PRIDE. Shame binds us from believing we are worthy of _________ and pride keeps us from asking for __________.

Annoying to have philosophic conundrums whirling around my brain w/o any discussion.. help!!!


Let it be.. let it be.. just me sitting here.. just me.
I want to set these aside my thoughts but I cannot
being drowned by thought after thought.

Catching life through outstretched fingers
so much slips through and is lost

Someone will die fighting for life and another gives it away
which one is more valued, who can say, who will say?  

no resolution no understanding and I am left, I am left auguring in and climbing up ©

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