Sunday, February 28, 2010

Suffering Fatigue?

For  those who work in helping professions there is a malady called compassion fatigue. After reading of all the additional disasters this weekend in Spain, Portugal as well as the Chile 8.8 earthquake.. previously Haiti and so many others in "recent" times as well, will the public become tired/numb to suffering?

Who judged the poor in New Orleans, the Haitian government of oppression, who judges the poor here in the US, the manipulated, or manipulating? At what point will those of us who give of ourselves as well as our $ reach a saturation point of suffering?

I only hope that no matter the cause we each search within ourselves to decide just how much a "brother's keeper" we each are. Who among us would be willing to share our last piece of bread?
My thoughts go back to the Cuban missile crisis. Who would have shut out a neighbor in their personal bomb shelter? Who would have been willing to survive?

Difficult thoughts I am having for a Sunday afternoon, yes?

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